An Inside Look At The Aleph Beta Production Team!

Hi everyone! My name is Rivky Stern, I’m the content and production manager here at Aleph Beta, and I wanted to give you a bit of a run-through about what this week looked like in the production department. (Come visit our office to see what it’s really like.)

What a week it’s been at Aleph Beta! The workweek actually started on Sunday, Tisha B’Av. Tisha B’Av is always one of the most emotionally and physically taxing days of the year for many of us, but in addition to fasting all day, we were working from home – rushing to fix bugs on the website, helping any users who were having trouble, and generally making sure that all of the Aleph Beta material was available for everyone, especially with the heavy traffic on Tisha B’Av. Thank God, everything went smoothly. ☺

On Monday, we got right back to business. In the production department here at Aleph Beta, we have a mantra – “6 weeks and 1 holiday!” This means that we always try to be that length of time ahead in video production; at any given moment, we want to be finished with the weekly Torah portion videos six weeks before we read it in synagogue, and the next longer series (like holidays) should already be finished! Of course, it rarely happens that way, because, things get a little crazy. Common culprits include – we realize that something wasn’t recorded quite right the first time, a video editor gets pulled off a video because of immediate website issues, video sequences take long to create, or (most likely) we spent wayyyy longer than allotted time in the pre-production process, making sure that the material is absolutely perfect before beginning to record.

That having been said, this week, we finished three videos, Eikev, Re’eh and Shoftim! Woo! Considering we only have one animator and one video editor right now, that’s quite a feat. (Shoutout to Charles and Shoshana, taking up the task while our video editor, Lisa is on maternity leave with baby Lyla… the newest and cutest member of the Aleph Beta family!)

We also prepped a bunch of audios for video– only four videos left until we finish our second round of Parsha!!

And, of course, we’re working hard on the research and development of the Rosh Hashanah course for this coming year. The first two audios are ready to go, and we’re going strong getting the rest ready for video for you all.

We had trouble narrowing down all the fascinating directions Rabbi Fohrman wanted to take about Rosh Hashanah and the Days of Awe – at different points, we were focused on the idea of kingship, the Binding of Isaac story, and others, but I thinkkkk we’ve narrowed it down – stay tuned ;)

That’s all, everyone! Want to stay updated about the goings on at Aleph Beta? Like our Facebook page, follow our Instagram account, Twitter, etc. (Especially Instagram, not trying to show off or anything, but I’m in several of the pictures, what up.)

Shabbat Shalom!


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