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Want more? Introducing: Aleph Beta Advanced!

Some people come to Aleph Beta for our parsha videos, for a little taste to prepare for Shabbat. Others know us as the website to get inspiration before the big holidays in the Jewish calendar. And after watching a few videos, many of you email us – I love your stuff on parsha and holidays […]

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Never miss an email again!

Do you feel like you’re not getting enough emails from us or that you’re getting too many? Do you want to get the latest updates on our website changes from Aleph Beta? We’re excited to announce that we’ve released custom email notifications. You can now customize your email settings by visiting your account profile page. […]

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Passover Haggadah Guide

Welcome to the Aleph Beta Study Guide on the Passover Haggadah! (Print version) We invite you to begin this journey tonight with the Passover Haggadah, but we will not be staying there – we will be traveling across many chapters in the Bible, from the beginning of Israelite history, to today, and back. It is […]

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US Service Members Can Tune Into A New TV Show… About Passover

A new partnership is announced between the military and the“Netflix of Torah.” Hewlett, NY, March 27, 2015: Did you ever wonder how you can prepare for Passover on an U.S. Army base in Afghanistan or a Navy air craft carrier in the Pacific? Starting in April, the answer is: ‘Turn on your television.’ The American […]

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Why I Love What I Do

Hi Folks, David Fohrman here. I wanted to send you a little drawing. I attached it to this letter. I received it one morning in my office in a handwritten envelope. It came from a nine-year old girl by the name of Faith, who has been watching Aleph Beta videos. As I unfurled the letter, […]

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Our new and exciting projects: The Parsha Experiment and so much more!

Hi, Rabbi David Fohrman here. With the completion of our Parsha video on V’zot Habracha, I have now finished two full cycles of the weekly Torah portion with you here at Aleph Beta. This year, I will be hard at work preparing more videos for you, touching on some fascinating things that are not necessarily […]

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An Inside Look At The Aleph Beta Production Team!

Hi everyone! My name is Rivky Stern, I’m the content and production manager here at Aleph Beta, and I wanted to give you a bit of a run-through about what this week looked like in the production department. (Come visit our office to see what it’s really like.) What a week it’s been at Aleph […]

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Some personal reflections on Eichah

Hi Folks. It’s Rabbi Fohrman here. Hope you are having a meaningful fast and are enjoying our videos. I wanted to pass along some personal musings I put together after coming back from reading Eichah last night. I had a strange experience trying to read my designated chapter aloud – and, at least for me, those […]

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The Brilliant Ten-Year-Old Who Inspired Us All

For those of you who don’t know Rabbi Fohrman personally, allow me to  paint you a picture…. Rabbi Fohrman is never more excited than when he feels he truly made an impact in someone’s life. He could see that thousands of people watched his Parsha video, and he’ll be happy, of course, but those are […]

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Bites of Freedom

Wine, Matzah and Tchaikovsky By David Fohrman   This year, as you sit down to the Seder table, ask yourself the following question: Exactly what should I be thinking about as I take that first bite of matzah or first drink of wine? What kind of experience do the authors of the Haggadah want me to have? We […]

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