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Why Your Support Matters

Aleph Beta has had an incredible past few months. We’ve launched a ton of new videos, completed a full year of parsha videos, covering the entire Torah, and we now have over 2000 subscribers! But we’re not stopping there. We have some big plans on the horizon as we continue to grow and develop the […]

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Understanding Purim in 5 Minutes or Less

  Understand Purim in 5 Minutes or Less: The Quick Scoop on Judaism’s Most Enigmatic Holiday, By Rabbi David Fohrman Two generations ago, a nation attempted to wipe the Jews off the face of the earth. Purim is a holiday that takes us back to the first time in history such a genocide against the […]

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God & Science

In this week’s Parsha video, “Va’era: Seeing God in Science,” Rabbi Fohrman talks about God’s name and how we can understand it in light of modern cosmology. Watch the video, then consider this dialogue between Rabbi Fohrman and a physicist viewer, Larry Smith. {It’s a bit long, but so so interesting and worthwhile!} Here’s Larry’s […]

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Rabbi Fohrman on the Radio!

Hey everyone! Tamar here. I’m the newest to join the Aleph Beta team and I take care of a bunch of different things, like lots of our tweets & Facebook posts, emails, and other fun stuff! But enough about me…   This past Sunday, January 11th, Rabbi Fohrman was a guest on the “The Bible […]

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The Most Familiar Thing

Hey folks, So something quite funny happened to me yesterday when I was teaching a bunch of tweens, about 200 of them, at a school I will leave unnamed. I was doing an interactive presentation with them on the tabernacle, based upon the series of videos that we produced last year (you can find them […]

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Download MP3s at the Brand New Aleph Beta Shop!

Years ago, back in the olden days, Rabbi Fohrman recorded hundreds of hours of lectures on tapes. As tapes became mp3s and mp3s became videos, we decided to open the archives to our users to take advantage of these incredible lectures. Thanks to your support, we’re now able to announce the grand opening of our […]

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Happy Anniversary!

By Immanuel Shalev Chief Operating Officer Since it is Purim Katan this evening, we thought we’d celebrate this special occasion with you all by sharing a bit of exciting Aleph Beta history.   Purim is a very special holiday for us, because at this time last year, we took the first steps toward making our […]

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The Mystery of Place: Reflections on Death, Mourning, and the Afterlife

An Epilogue to Our Parshat Tetzaveh Video I want to take a few minutes to share with you a thought that moved me this week. It appeared in the comments to our parsha video, and was contributed by a fellow who identified himself only as Avi. Here’s the background to his idea.   In this past week’s […]

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Crashing the Wedding Party

  One of the downsides of creating any work that ensconces an idea – whether book, video, audio recording or what have you – is that you don’t get a second crack at it once it is published. The idea is gone, separated from you and out in the world – and you can’t just […]

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“Great D’var Torah! But What Are Your Sources?”

  By Rabbi David Fohrman   So here’s a note that I received recently from one of our loyal Parsha viewers. I thought I would share it with you and take a moment to respond:   “Rabbi Fohrman’s Parsah thoughts are brilliant & insightful. I just wonder are there any sources for his theories and if yes […]

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