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Years ago, back in the olden days, Rabbi Fohrman recorded hundreds of hours of lectures on tapes. As tapes became mp3s and mp3s became videos, we decided to open the archives to our users to take advantage of these incredible lectures.

Thanks to your support, we’re now able to announce the grand opening of our Online Shop!

audio and docs

Our Available Products

Have you read: “The Beast that Crouches at the Door” or “The Queen You Thought You Knew?” What are you waiting for?!

Rabbi Fohrman’s lectures on mp3s. From the 3-part series to the 20-part series.

Audios with Supporting Materials:
The lectures on mp3s + pages and pages of outlines, highlighted texts, source-sheets, and all kinds of goodies, created by Rabbi Fohrman himself!

Teacher’s Guides:
Many of our video courses come with Teacher Guides with educational goals, “points-to-pause,” supplementary assignments, source sheets, and outlines. Our Parsha guides are generally simpler, and our longer courses are quite robust. This is an excellent source for academic studies.

*Unfortunately, at this time, it’s not possible to buy individual lectures, or lectures without documents.

Subscriber Benefits

At Aleph Beta, we’re doing our best to continue to provide you with outstanding features to make Torah-learning easier, more engaging, and convenient. Additionally, we’re contributing even more resources to putting out tons of new content for our users! Your support enables us to provide you with all of these great products.

For our “Thanks,” we are excited to offer a 66% discount to our subscribers on our digital products and unlimited streaming of our audio library! Another reason to subscribe? You bet!

Note: If the shop doesn’t automatically grant you the 66% discount, you can request a coupon code next to the product you are looking to purchase, and follow instructions on the site. Make sure to input the code before purchasing in order to receive the discount.

What’s Next?

In our valued tradition of giving something to everyone for free, we will continue adding more videos and audios to our library for free streaming at an hour per month. Subscribers will continue to have unlimited free streaming.

Stay tuned for some exciting updates to our library, some new features for our subscribers, and the release of new Purim series coming soon!

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    Are we allowed to download the videos to our iPad or compute