Passover Haggadah Guide

Welcome to the Aleph Beta Study Guide on the Passover Haggadah! (Print version)

We invite you to begin this journey tonight with the Passover Haggadah, but we will not be staying there – we will be traveling across many chapters in the Bible, from the beginning of Israelite history, to today, and back. It is our hope that this guide will challenge you to ask important questions about the Maggid section of the Haggadah, and will lead you to discover new and exciting answers.

This guide is full of discussion topics, questions to consider, passages to analyze, and thoughts to ponder. It was designed for careful thought and reflection at each “Ponder this” or “Look inside” section. Some reflection should take you a minute to consider, and others will lead to more exciting and engaging discussion. Resist the urge to rush through; take the time to think and discuss. Feel free to wander from this guide and spend more or less time at any of our destinations. This adventure is your own.


We’re often asked the following questions:

Is this guide for self-study, or should I study it with others?

Either works! You can gather a small group of friends to explore it together, share it with a chevruta (learning partner), or go through it by yourself.

Is this guide for the Seder night itself, or is this Seder “prep”?

Again, either works! You might want to use this guide as a way to prepare for the Seder in advance, so you have discussion topics ready to go — but you can also bring it to the Seder, sight unseen, and read through it together with your friends and family.

Can I share this with my friends or synagogue?

Absolutely! Nothing would make us happier than for you to share this Passover Guide with your friends. We believe that learning with others is extremely valuable! Please tag us on Facebook (@Aleph Beta) when you share. And, your synagogue has any questions they can contact

Happy Learning and Happy Passover!


Check out the guide here



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