Rabbi Fohrman on the Radio!

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Tamar here. I’m the newest to join the Aleph Beta team and I take care of a bunch of different things, like lots of our tweets & Facebook posts, emails, and other fun stuff! But enough about me…


This past Sunday, January 11th, Rabbi Fohrman was a guest on the “The Bible Live.” It’s a really unique radio show stationed in South Texas that goes through the entire Bible, giving both a Jewish and Christian perspective.


Since RF was too modest to tell me in advance (!!), I have only just now finished listening to it, and it is incredible. It begins with Rabbi Fohrman discussing his background and how he got started in Torah study, and then touches upon Aleph Beta and our goals. The Bible Live is up to Bamidbar/ The Book of Numbers in their studies so they wanted to hear Rabbi Fohrman’s thoughts on the Priestly Blessings {Numbers 6:22}. RF goes into an in-depth discussion of the blessings and (spoiler alert) how he believes them to be the Torah’s model for parenting. {For more on this topic, I highly recommend listening to our two part course: Naso & Beha’alotcha: A Guide for Parenting? and of course The Bible Live, 1/11/15, beginning at 30 minutes in.}


It was particularly interesting for me to learn new things about someone I work beside every day. For example, Rabbi Fohrman grew up in Berkeley, California and spent 7 years working as a translator- who knew?! (Well, I probably should have since it can be found right here on our website, but I’ll excuse myself since I’m the Aleph Beta novice.) :)

The whole discussion was grounded in mutual respect and interfaith bonding. The hosts, Jacob Champion and Soapy Dollar, said they feel that learning the Jewish perspective is so crucial for their understanding of the Bible as a whole, regardless of their faith.


Afterwards, RF received these gracious accolades from Champion: “We did NOT get even one negative response!  You are a great teacher & I am & remain a fan.  Since I do the ‘Jewish’ view I always want to put a great presentation toward our mostly Christian audience. So, naturally, I tend to very selective about guests. YOU are at the TOP of my preferred list, Rabbi David Fohrman.  One of the major reasons I had originally agreed to do this show & get involved is to build bridges & mutual respect, friendships, and understandings between Christians & Jews. The world is so in need of this, I think.”


I couldn’t agree more.


So, in summation:

  • Be sure to check out Rabbi Fohrman’s talk on The Bible Live. Just click this link, be sure it’s the January 11th talk (should be the first one listed) and go to the 30 minute mark where RF is first introduced.

  • And if you find yourself craving more on parenting in the Torah and the priestly blessings, or if you simply love our videos and want to see some gorgeous graphics, click this link.


And, as always, we’d love to hear your feedback!



- Tamar

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  • Pam

    I have long been a fan of Rabbi Fohrman and was thrilled to be able to hear him on the radio via FB ;-) … would love to hear more interviews with R. Fohrman and hope he does it again soon!