Some personal reflections on Eichah

Hi Folks. It’s Rabbi Fohrman here. Hope you are having a meaningful fast and are enjoying our videos.
I wanted to pass along some personal musings I put together after coming back from reading Eichah last night. I had a strange experience trying to read my designated chapter aloud – and, at least for me, those difficulties helped me see much of Eichah in a new light.My reflections are about six pages or so – kind of hot off the press – and I thought I’d send it out to you for your perusal. There are implications here, I think, for some pretty big questions – especially: is it Kosher to be upset with God? With the Holocaust not too far behind us, that question always seems to be an “elephant in the room” lurking just at the edges of our consciousness, every Tisha Bav. Perhaps Jeremiah provides a model here. Curious to hear your thoughts if you get a chance to read the piece. Meanwhile, be sure to enjoy our Tisha Bav videos (you can find them here). We at Aleph Beta put a lot of love into them.
Here’s the article: Eichah Reflections
Rabbi Fohrman
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