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The Most Familiar Thing

Hey folks, So something quite funny happened to me yesterday when I was teaching a bunch of tweens, about 200 of them, at a school I will leave unnamed. I was doing an interactive presentation with them on the tabernacle, based upon the series of videos that we produced last year (you can find them […]

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Musings from Rabbi Fohrman Vol. 2

Musings from Rabbi David Fohrman     Will You Be Mochel Me? Vidui’s Sinister Impostor    Effective apologies are wickedly difficult to pull off. Not because articulating an apology is inherently complicated, it’s not. But these words are hard to say.   According to Rambam in his Hilchot Teshuvah (Laws of Repentance), the soul of the teshuvah process is what’s […]

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