Our new and exciting projects: The Parsha Experiment and so much more!


Hi, Rabbi David Fohrman here.

With the completion of our Parsha video on V’zot Habracha, I have now finished two full cycles of the weekly Torah portion with you here at Aleph Beta. This year, I will be hard at work preparing more videos for you, touching on some fascinating things that are not necessarily Parsha related. I’ve got big plans, and can’t wait to share this new stuff with you. Some of the things I’m working on: more material on the Book of Psalms, a series on the inner meaning of Grace after meals, a Biblical critique of terrorism, and another on the inner unity of Pirkei Avot. We will be releasing the first of this new wave of my work in just a few weeks from now.

In the meantime, I want to introduce you to another new and exciting project that we are working on. We are calling it: The Parsha Experiment. It’s going to be hosted by Rabbi David Block and Imu Shalev, two of the wonderful folks who work with me here at Aleph Beta. For those of you who’ve been around the block with us a little bit, you may recognize David from some guest appearances in last year’s Parsha videos. He has been fantastic. And Imu has been the very talented Executive Producer of these last two rounds of Parsha videos. Both have been wonderful students of the methodology I’ve been working with over the last few years and I think you are going to love hearing from them.

The Parsha Experiment will have a bit of a different focus then the last two rounds of Parsha videos I put together. It’s going to be looking in particular at the question of sequence. What I mean by that is: many of us treat the stories in the Torah like they’re isolated episodes and vignettes. But maybe these stories weren’t meant to be learned in isolation — maybe they’re meant to tell a grand tale. We are going to be taking you on a weekly journey into the overall story of the Torah – how these disparate stories and laws come together to form a larger, more elegant whole.

Like any experiment, the Parsha Experiment is… well, experimental. Its new territory for us, and we’re pretty excited about it. As you might imagine, the video creation process here takes an incredible amount of work and time from our staff – and we will be pressing hard this year to bring you my new materials as well as the new weekly Parsha Experiment. In the meantime, please dig in and enjoy!

David Fohrman

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  • http://rutimizrachi.blogspot.com/ Ruti Mizrachi

    Looking forward!

  • Majockus

    I believe there was “eisogesis” at work here instead of “exegesis.” I’m sorry but to compare what was in the mind of those that Torah, nor the Hebrew language eludes to; is not good teaching.
    The comparables being taught do not rely on supposition, nor are they backed by it.
    This teaching should have been edited closely and could have been developed more thoroughly by looking at what the scriptures do teach about “seeds after their kind.”
    Just my opinion after eating from the tree of “discernment”.