Want more? Introducing: Aleph Beta Advanced!

Genesis-UnveiledSome people come to Aleph Beta for our parsha videos, for a little taste to prepare for Shabbat. Others know us as the website to get inspiration before the big holidays in the Jewish calendar. And after watching a few videos, many of you email us – I love your stuff on parsha and holidays – where can I get more? Do you have anything else?

And guess what? We do! We have so. much. content. But, until now, we haven’t had a great way to showcase it – a clear place on our website where you can check out all the options in our Aleph Beta buffet.

But…no more! Introducing: Aleph Beta Advanced!

Aleph Beta Advanced is for those of you who are ready for that deep dive. You crave more than parsha and holiday videos, you want a deeper look at the stories and characters that make up our Bible. How can I understand Amalek – that nation we’re supposed to destroy? And those first ten chapters of Genesis, aren’t they odd? And, wow, God is so cruel – look at how he treats Job, and how he tests Abraham with the Binding of Isaac.

With Aleph Beta Advanced, you’ll see all of our material, categorized neatly. We worked really hard at making it clear and available – but we’ll continue to make it better, based on your suggestions. We WANT to hear from you – so email us at info@alephbeta.org.


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