Why I Love What I Do


Hi Folks, David Fohrman here.

I wanted to send you a little drawing. I attached it to this letter. I received it one morning in my office in a handwritten envelope. It came from a nine-year old girl by the name of Faith, who has been watching Aleph Beta videos.

As I unfurled the letter, the bars filled in with different colored markers looked at first like a child’s drawing. But then, a few seconds later, I realized what it was. Faith had found an extraordinary chiastic structure — an ‘at-bash’ structure — in the heart of the Book of Genesis. She had learned about chiasms in Aleph Beta videos — and now, she had herself discovered one.

I looked at it carefully and pulled out my copy of Genesis. Lo and behold, Faith was right. The structure was really there. What does it mean? What secrets can we glean from it. I’ve been thinking about that — and one of these days, hope to put together an Aleph Beta video on it. But in the meantime, I wanted to share it with you.

I wanted to share it with you, because this kind of thing makes my heart go aflutter, as they say. Sometimes when you sit alone in your office and write, or put out videos — it’s not always easy to see the impact they have. But then you get something like Faith’s hand-drawn letter, and you begin to understand. The work that we are doing here at Aleph Beta is changing lives. And it is helping to foster a kind of democratization in Torah study, seeding a new generation of budding Torah scholars — from nine-year olds, and up — whose eyes have been opened as to the richness and relevance inherent in our sacred texts.

As the end of the year rolls around, I want to ask you to contribute to our work here at Aleph Beta. Claim a share in our work, and give what you can. Join our family. Faith’s hand-drawn chiasm wasn’t just a product of nine-year old scholarship, it was also a product of love. For thousands of viewers, we’ve helped kindle one of most precious things I think life has to offer: A lifelong romance with the Book of Books; a love of Torah that is not just a cliche, but a reality. If you’ve felt a little bit of that spark, help us kindle it in others. Watch our videos. Share them with friends. Gift a subscription. Send a donation — or send a note. Find your way to join what we do.

May the New Year be a wonderful one for you and your family.


David Fohrman

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